Seasoned yarn experts

Beaulieu is a leading supplier of high-quality yarns. Almost 40 years ago, we were one of the world’s first synthetic yarn manufacturers. Ever since, we have been co-developing yarns with our customers. We are veterans, and as such experts, but we also remain in touch with today’s market trends and challenges. As a result, we continue to push the limits, set new standards and explore new markets.

Our Yarns solutions

You dream it, we make it. Our mission is to provide you with a custom-made yarn that meets and exceeds your expectations. In most cases, this offers a combination of benefits: high yield on your machinery, unmatched durability, outstanding resilience, etc. We are also able to quickly develop, test and sample the perfect colour (including contrast and gloss) in our own masterbatch department.

Our products can be divided according to various criteria:
  • Raw materials: polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA)
  • Yarn treatment: bulk continuous filament or ennobling
  • Colour process: raw white, mono colour or tricolour
  • Different functionalities

Pioneering development support for carpet yarns

We are easy to do business with. Unassuming, easily approachable and with a personal touch. Committed to building long-term relationships, we boast a profound understanding of your businesses – both commercially and technically. Feel free to check it out: talk to one of our sales representatives and you will find out that you are dealing with an open-minded, creative technical expert.

Pioneering development support 

The industry-exclusive approach to product development gives customers the possibility to explore colour choices and finalize collections on-site, using Beaulieu Yarns machinery, at the company’s development centre.

Our production facilities
Our yarns are manufactured in four production facilities: two in Belgium, one in France and one in China (Weihai).

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