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Beaulieu Yarns

Want to discuss your carpet yarn project?

No matter the challenge, we’re glad to be at your service.


Ideal Fibres & Fabrics Wielsbeke
Ooigemstraat 2B
8710 Wielsbeke - Belgium
+32 56 66 81 91
Ideal Fibres & Fabrics Wielsbeke
Site Berry Yarns
Route des Ecluses 52-54
7780 Comines - België
+32 56 56 08 11
Ideal Fibres & Fabrics Comines
Rue de l’Energie BP 139
59560 Comines - France 
+33 3 28 38 87 70

Beaulieu Fibres & Yarns
Lingang Science and Technology Industrial Park
Qiaotou Town 
Weihai 264212 Shandong Province - China
+86 21 52980019x107

Beaulieu Fibres & Yarns - China Sales Office 
Rm 1205-1206, Imago Plaza
99 Wuning Road, Shanghai 200063 - China
T. +86 139 6962 3568
Sales representatives are located in Europe and China.

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