From biomass to a better world

A first for the carpet industry, new EqoBalance PA6 yarns follow the biomass balance approach, which ensures that at the very start of the supply chain, natural renewable raw materials can partially or even completely replace fossil resources in the production of polymers processed into yarns. By choosing these yarns, carpet tufters can contribute to a sustainable future through less use of fossil resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 


EqoBalance is a registered trademark.

EqoBalance has recieved The Green Product Award in 2018.


Contract, automotive and residential carpets that are softer on the Earth

Beaulieu Yarns is offering a new innovative sustainable yarn solution, suitable for all markets that want to make the right choice and take action to save the planet for future generations. We are asking global tufting manufacturers of tufted floor coverings to follow our lead and become an EqoBalance partner. Our sustainable yarn variations do not compromise on either quality or performance, and remain identical to our regular yarns, eliminating the need for tufters to alter their manufacturing process or final product.

Your proactive contribution: a gentler carbon footprint

As a yarn producer, we take our responsibility to limit fossil resources seriously, by replacing these by natural renewable resources at the beginning of the supply chain. This is our action to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Biomass Balance model for sustainable yarns

Our sustainable yarns are produced using the biomass balance principle that is similar to green electricity. From the very start of the supply chain, natural renewable resources such as biogas or bio-naphtha are used along with fossil fuels to produce polymers that provide the basis for yarn production. The result is EqoBalance yarns. 100% or only a part of the fossil resources needed to manufacture EqoBalance are verifiably replaced with renewable resources in the value chain.
By choosing EqoBalance, carpet tufters can contribute to a sustainable future through less use of fossil resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Biomass balance is the fastest path forward and gives carpet tufters a fundamental new choice to step into sustainable products and contribute to a better world.

Sustainable yarns solutions for carpet manufacturing

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