Catch the Color 2023

PANTONE 19-1557 or Chili Pepper opens the curtains of a classy theater hall and shows itself to be a sensitive and fragile, though strong and independent color tone. While its deep red tone oozes seduction and an electric atmosphere, it also lets those who experience it get a feeling of silence and anticipation. Chili Pepper thanks its name to the spicy plant that adds undeniable flavor to every meal, but is also a force of recognition in nature, where animals like the red bird use it to attract the opposite sex. In the month of love, the B.I.G. Yarns’ Color Development Team wants to inspire you with a color that catches the eye. Published by B.I.G. Yarns' Color Development Team, February 2023

With PANTONE 18-1242 or Brown Patina we are bringing the soul of nature into the new year. This inspiring, calm and fragrant color signifies the ability to stand the test of time. A dark mix of blue, yellow and red, hinting to winter woods after leaves have fallen and snow has melted or a deer, grazing between pine oak trees. Its timeless feel gives Brown Patina many uses in the automotive industry, where it is seen as a seal of quality. Published by B.I.G. Yarns' Color Development Team, January 2023

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