Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declarations - in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A1 - have been validated and certified by environdec.

EPD Polyamide 6 BCF Yarns

Declaration number : S-P-02416
Valid till 28.12.2025

Included products in this EPD

  • Polyamide 6 BCF yarns

EPD EqoCycle recycled content yarns

Declaration number : S-P-02415
Valid till 28.12.2025

Included products in this EPD

  • EqoCycle75
  • EqoCycle50

EPD EqoBalance sustainable yarns

Declaration number : S-P-01372
Valid till 05.05.2023

Included products in this EPD

  • EqoBalance® Premium
  • EqoBalance®

Sustainable yarns solutions for carpet manufacturing

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